Karren and Nick tip Apprentice Adam

The Apprentice‘s Nick Hewer has said contestant Adam Corbally is not the business clutz that he may appear on TV.

The greengrocer has impressed advisors Nick and Karren Brady with his try-hard approach to every single task.

Nick gushed: “Adam’s extraordinary. You might think he’s a bit of a clutz, a clumsy sort of fellow, but he turns his hand to whatever he’s doing on any particular task and he always seems to win.

“He was selling on the art task – what does he know about urban art? Nothing! He doesn’t know it from spinach! And yet who was the top seller – Adam.

“It’s quite extraordinary – let’s see how he does.”

Karren added: “Adam has put his hand to everything, he’s tried really hard, he’s come on the most amazing journey really.

“From someone that’s from quite a narrow niche, he’s learned all of the different things that he can do.”

Karren also praised Jade Nash as the last girl left in The Apprentice.

She said: “I really like Jade, I like her direct approach. She takes the emotion out, she gets on with what she has to do. I like her and I wish her well.”