Kate beats Katie in battle of the perfume bottle

Kate Moss has gone head to head with glamour model Jordan as their new perfumes hit stores.

Superdrug named Kate’s scent its No 1 celebrity fragrance followed by Stunning from Katie Price, better known as Jordan.

The Kate Moss perfume – called simply Kate – sold 10 per cent more than Stunning at the high street chain after it went on sale.

Jordan’s perfume had held the No 1 spot at Superdrug after its launch last week.

Coty which makes the Kate Moss fragrance said the perfume had gone on sale nationwide, but had no overall sales figures available.

Victoria Beckham’s new fragrance and singer Gwen Stefani’s perfume also hit stores.

Superdrug spokesman Matt Twigg said: “The sale figures show the celebrity fragrance phenomenon shows no sign of abating.

“We’re rushing more stock of Katie Price and Kate Moss to the shelves to keep up with demand.”

The Kate Moss ‘floral musk’ fragrance is described by Coty as a scent which: “… echoes Kate’s charismatic, seductive and sensual beauty while hinting at her edgy, sometimes wild approach to life.”

The supermodel’s new fashion collection for high street chain Topshop launches in the UK next week.

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