GMTV star Kate Garraway presents ITV1’s new daily daytime show, The Biggest Loser, next week, but Kate, who’s expecting her second child in August, is keen to talk about cravings and shedding those post-baby pounds…

So, we hear that Julia Roberts has been giving you some baby advice?
“Yes! She was on the GMTV sofa a month ago and we got talking backstage. She asked if we were going to find out whether our baby is a girl or a boy. I said we were going to, but Julia said: ‘Don’t, it’s a total disaster, you should wait until the baby is born.’ So it’s made me think twice. We didn’t find out beforehand with Darcey, but we were just curious this time.”

For Amanda Holden it was cheese sarnies, Myleene Klass loved mangoes, while Davina McCall and Katie Price couldn’t get enough of, err, ice. So, how about you? Are you hankering after a particular delicacy?
“I want to eat lots of Marmite! I didn’t mind it before I fell pregnant but I certainly didn’t have a need for it 24 hours a day like I do now!”

Do you think you will be under pressure to lose weight after the baby is born?
“I don’t think there’s much pressure on GMTV. There’d be more pressure if you suddenly popped back into size zero because the show tends to be watched by mums. To be honest, I think people are quite reassured to see us not losing baby weight quickly. It takes you nine months to put it on so, give yourself nine months to get it off before starting to worry.”

Your new show, The Biggest Loser, sees eight overweight couples battling the bulge with the help of diet experts and trainers. What were they like?
“What the contestants are trying to do is heroic. In the space of two to three months, they’ve totally changed their lives. It takes a lot of strength and guts, and it’s very inspirational. People get to see what’s achievable.”

What about giving the winners £10,000 in prize money?
“Initially, I thought that making people compete who have a life-threatening degree of obesity seems mean because I know what it’s like to try and stick to a diet. But then I saw how it worked in America, and it actually spurs people on to lose more weight.”

How do you keep fit?
“Usually, I go to the gym, but that has taken a backseat at the moment. I also loved doing Strictly a couple of years ago – that’s probably the fittest I’ve ever been. And I’ve always liked walking. I live in London so I don’t really drive and it’s amazing the difference walking or taking the bus makes.”

What about the latest diets. Do you try them?
“I don’t think they work long-term. And I’ve never fancied one of those where you have pre-packaged milkshakes or bars – I like real food too much!”

*The Biggest Loser creens on ITV1 each weekday at 4pm*