GMTV presenter Kate Garraway talks about returning to work after the birth of her second child

Kate, last month we saw you introduce Billy to your GMTV colleagues Andrew Castle and Emma Crosby. Was it strange being back in the studio?
“It was weird because you do go into this complete milky bubble of nappies and midnight feeds! I walked into the make-up room and said: ‘This is what you call a blank canvas. Anything you can do to make me look broadcast-able and respectable would be a good thing!’ Because I did look a little bit ragged. They did their best and got me all blow-dried and gorgeous! But it was lovely to see everybody again.”

We’re impressed by how perfectly behaved Billy was during his TV debut!
“He seemed to enjoy being cuddled by Emma, didn’t he? We’re determined to get Emma married and with babies now, because Billy didn’t cry at all and looked really happy on her lap, so she’s obviously got the maternal instinct there!”

Did you keep in touch with your co-presenters while you were off?
“Yes, they’re great – I spoke to all of them all the way through. Ben Shephard came round and played with Darcey and Billy one afternoon, which was nice. Ben has two young sons and gave me advice about bringing up boys. He says I’ve had an easy ride with a girl so far – so we’ll see about that!”

So, how are you feeling about returning to work full-time?
“I’m quite nervous because I’ve definitely still got a real ‘baby brain’! My first day back after Darcey was the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 so we did a whole special on it and a big interview with Johnny Depp – and I kept calling it The Pirates of Penzance! I don’t know what I’ll do this time…”

Who’ll be looking after Billy?
“I’d love to take him in with me but it’d be a bit tricky for everybody because they have jobs to do and can’t just spend the morning cuddling him when I’m on air! So Derek will look after Billy until I get home and we’ll carry on as we did before getting help from Grandmas! We’ve got lovely new swanky dressing rooms at GMTV so I’ll be putting up drawings that Darcey’s done, pictures of Billy and other mementos.”

It must be a wrench leaving Billy and Darcey in the mornings…
“It’s always tricky but, on the other hand, with two of them I’m running around like a mad thing so there’s a bit of me that thinks, ‘Go back to work for a rest!’ Plus, it’ll be nice to have clothes that have been ironed by the wardrobe mistress rather than covered in baby sick!”

Is Darcey enjoying the new addition?
“She loves it! Darcey’s a real little mummy, she’s constantly running to get his nappies. She’s always putting stickers on him and tries to put bows in his hair! She also wants to put make-up on him, but I wouldn’t let her! When Billy learns to talk back I think she might be in for a shock – he’s putting up with a lot at the moment. It’s lovely watching her with him and seeing him reacting to her.”

William’s a lovely name – what made you choose it?
“‘Derek’s grandfather was William Draper and there’s lots of Williams all the way down through his family so we always said if we had a little boy we’d call him William. Actually Derek’s middle name is William as well; it’s a real family name on his side. And he’s William Garraway Draper because my brother has two daughters, so our strand of the name was about to die out, and this way the Garraway name can carry on.”

Was Darcey named after anyone?
“We just liked the name, actually. But her middle name, Mary, goes through my family [Kate’s middle name is Mary].”

So, you’re looking forward to celebrating Billy’s first Christmas!
“It’s going to be really exciting having two stockings to hang up! Billy won’t know what’s going on, for him it will all be about the lights and the wrapping paper, but it’ll be great fun!”

And you said that one day you’d like to add to your brood…
“I’m really up for it. I’d love to have more children but I think at the moment I’m just going to enjoy this one because two is quite a handful!”