Kate Garraway: stars give me flutters

She has interviewed some of world’s biggest names on the GMTV sofa – but it seems even Kate Garraway sometimes gets starstruck.

The mum-of-one admits that Brad Pitt got her particularly hot under the collar.

She told Star magazine: “I interviewed Brad Pitt and I was completely flustered and slightly hormonal about the whole thing. I was just looking into his blue eyes and talking gibberish. I was a bit like that when I interviewed Russell Crowe, too…”

She was also keen to dismiss rumours that the Gladiator star has bad body odour.

“No! He smelt very fragrant,” she added. “People probably don’t like to believe he uses deodorant and just smells of natural man musk, but he actually smelt lovely.”

She said her most disappointing interview was with – no surprises here – Meg Ryan.

“It was around the time of her notorious interview with Michael Parkinson and she obviously didn’t understand the British press at all,” Kate recalled. “I thought she was really funny and cute in films but in the flesh she was really unfunny and uncute.”

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