Kate Humble needs YOUR help!

Kate Humble and the Springwatch team host two-hour fundraiser Wild Night In on Sunday night. Here, she talks about raising cash for conservation…

Through Wild Night in, you’re hoping to raise money for the BBC Wildlife Fund, to support conservation projects worldwide. Why should people take part?

“Conservation is not really sexy but we all have a responsibility and Wild Night In allows people to get involved, whether it’s by donating or volunteering for one of the projects featured. We want people to feel part of a community that cares enough about the planet to want to do something to save it.”

Celebrities such as Graham Norton and Edith Bowman will be joining you on the night. What will they be doing?

“In Saving Planet Earth, shown on the BBC in 2007, Graham looked at the Ethiopian wolf project while Edith looked at the Siamese crocodile project. Both of them will be coming in to tell us about what’s been happening with those projects.”

You’ve seen first hand how donations to the BBC Wildlife Fund are already making a huge difference, haven’t you?

“Yes. I visited Project Seahorse in the Philippines, where I witnessed practical conservation that really works. It’s the little things that make a difference – just £5 can pay for a qualified scientist there to do crucial work.”

Is it important to show viewers how this money is already being spent to encourage them to donate?

“If we’re going to be saying to people: ‘We want your money and we’d like as much of it as you’re prepared to give,’ we also want to be able to say why these projects are working. That’s very much a criteria of the BBC Wildlife Fund that it is absolutely practical conservation that really works and really makes a difference.”

Wild Night in can be seen on Sunday June 20 at 7pm on BBC2.

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