Millions of people are tuning into The X Factor each week – and it appears that Kate Moss is among them.

The supermodel, who is friends with judge Sharon Osbourne’s daughter Kelly, religiously tunes into the show every Saturday night with her daughter Lila Grace – and the duo sing along together at their Cotswolds home, according to reports in The Sun.

Apparently, Kate also invites friends round and gives Simon Cowell-style verdicts on everyone’s performances, according to the paper.

A source said: “Kate is a closet X Factor fan. She never misses an episode and records them if she’s out.

“She told Kelly she does her own X Factor contests at home with her mum, daughter and friends. Kate is a wannabe singer who’d love to do what the X Factor finalists do. Kelly says Kate has a brilliant voice. Simon should sign her up.”

Kate had her 15 minutes of rock star fame when she sang on stage with her ex Pete Doherty.

She apparently helped write four tracks on the new Babyshambles album Shotters Nation and regularly performed a duet called La Belle Et La Bete at the rocker’s gigs.