Katherine Jenkins has attacked an ‘utterly pathetic’ online stalker who she says has been harassing her for more than a year.

The Welsh singer spoke out after the stalker managed to tweet a question for her during the BBC Two programme Something For The Weekend.

The 31-year-old mezzo soprano said she had tried to ignore the bully, but her patience had run out after the question was sent in to be read out on live TV.

She said the stalker had set up a false Twitter account in her name and taunted her over the death of her father from lung cancer when she was teenager.

“Dear ******* I find it very sad that even as an adult u think it’s ok to bully some1,” Katherine wrote on her Twitter account.

“Every1 is entitled 2 their opinion & I’m not under any false illusion that every1 is goin 2like me but u have no right to harass me as u’ve done over the past year with comments like ‘bring out the dead daddy story again’.

“You’ve set up a false account in my name where u slate & destroy my character. After blocking you, you still tried 2 find a way 2get to me & this morning was 1 step too far.

“Sending in a question to be read on live TV (which didn’t even make any sense!) to ‘make me look clueless’ is utterly pathetic & u clearly failed.

“I’ve tried to ignore you but after this it’s time to stand up to you.

“The sad thing is you’ll probably enjoy the attention which is why I haven’t mentioned your twitter name but I know you know who you are.”