Katherine Jenkins: I want Lucie to win X Factor

Classical music star Katherine Jenkins has revealed she is supporting X Factor’s Lucie Jones – because she’s Welsh.

Katherine said: “I like the girl from Wales, what’s her name? I have to support her just because she’s Welsh too, but I think she’s good.”

Katherine is also a big Strictly Come Dancing fan and hates it when the two Saturday night reality shows clash.

She said: “I think it’s quite tough because most people watch both and want to see both. I Sky Plus X Factor and watch Strictly, but both of them are great shows and we want to see both.”

And the star said she would love to compete on the show one day.

Katherine said: “I love Strictly Come Dancing it’s one of my favourite programmes and I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to perform on there three times now, because I just love going to see all the costumes and I’m quite friendly with all the dancers now, so it’s nice to go back there.

“I’d love to have the time to learn a skill like that because I think it’s just so beautiful when somebody can dance like that. So maybe one day in the future they’ll have me on.”