Katie Hopkins: ‘I’m not the most hated person in Britain – I’m increasingly loved!’ (VIDEO)

Controversial newspaper columnist and media pundit Katie Hopkins doesn’t believe she’s the ‘most hated person in Britain’, rather she believes the feedback she gets is that she’s ‘increasingly loved’.

Katie has become infamous for expressing views on immigration, obesity and class that have upset a lot of people and led some to label her the most hated person in Britain.

But she told What’s on TV that’s not the feeling she gets from people: “When people make the comparison, she’s second hated only to [Russian president] Putin, I always go ‘Ha, there’s a bit of perspective for you right there!’ …Or she’s worse than Myra Hindley. Well, actually, probably not.”

She continued: “I suppose some people would enjoy that idea of me, that title, they’d enjoy me getting shouted at in the street or that I can’t leave a hotel room or that my life is now a nightmare of people dying to machete my head off. But I think the opposite is now true and what I see more and more of is support and encouragement for somebody who’s still got a voice, and who hasn’t been silenced despite attacks for all sorts of other things. Not attacks in the street or getting shouted out in the street, but just [online] hacking, taking down your website or going to social services to complain about the welfare of your children, or sorts of ways of trying to get at me. But it’s not going to work because I’m going to carry on!”

Katie maintains she’s a voice for people who don’t have a voice.

“…I think for me it’s just trying to keep that voice for people that feel they don’t have the right to say things any more,” she said. “Increasingly the people that preach tolerance are incredibly intolerant and people like me who are perceived to be very intolerant are actually very welcoming to other people’s views.

“So I don’t think this most hated thing is true at all… I think the increasingly loved title is far more true.”

Katie’s debut TV series, If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World, is a new prgramme on which Katie, experts, comedians and a studio audience put forward and debate rules on life. It premieres on TLC channel on Thursday, August 6.

Meanwhile, watch Katie discuss her regrets (she doesn’t have any), whether or not she’s as tough as she appears and what, if anything, makes her happy, above.

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