Kate Hopkins admits she’s feeling the nerves ahead of the premiere of her new topical debate show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World (Thursday, August 6), on TLC.

Katie told What’s on TV: “I’m really excited. It could be brilliant or it could be terrible… But I’m hoping it’s going to be brilliant.”

If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World is a weekly panel show on which Katie, invited guests and a studio audience debate rules for life, which she says could vary from whether school run mums who drop their kids off in pyjamas should be banned from M&S to what times old people should be allowed out in public.

Katie, of course, has become notorious for expressing points of view which are offensive to many, from her column in The Sun in which she said rather than vessels rescuing migrants at sea they should be greeted with gunships, to this week’s utterance that ‘euthanasia vans’ should be sent out to the elderly (“It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people,” she said.)

Katie believes her critics are missing the point of her outspokenness.

“There’s plenty of people out there who no longer feel they can necessarily say the things they think and there’s plenty of people out there who feel the list of things we can’t say is longer than the list of things they can say,” she said. “I think therefore that this show might be the show for them.”

Katie continued: “I’m speaking for some people who feel that some of the time I tell it like it is and say things they might think or can’t say, or say behind the closed doors of their house, or couldn’t necessarily say out loud or type on Twitter because of the backlash they’d get if they just spoke their mind.”

She added that the great thing about If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World was that she’d be suggesting rules, as well as the experts and studio audience, but ultimately the  audience would decide if the rules were approved or not.

Watch our interview with Katie Hopkins, above.