Katie Hopkins tells her children ‘her epilepsy will get her one day’

Controversial TV personality Katie Hopkins has written an open letter to her children saying her ‘epilepsy will get her one day’.

The 40-year-old penned the note in a blog for the Huffington Post UK, to mark the launch of its new UK parenting section, HuffPo Parents.

Hopkins writes: “I like walking you there (to school) because I get to hear more about what you are thinking and there is space for me to listen.”

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has been outspoken numerous times on various issues (Ian West/PA)


She goes on to say: “I won’t always be here to do that. We know Mum’s doctor says her epilepsy will get her one day. Fruit loops say karma will.”

After a few short introductory paragraphs, she goes on to list eight things for her children ‘to remember as you get bigger’.


Among them she writes: “Girls are weird. If the girls in your class start to make you feel upset about yourself, find some boys to hang out with. Girls think handbags matter. This is one step away from being a Scientologist.”

She also gives them advice about getting married: “One day you might think you want to stay with one person for the rest of your life. Perhaps you will want to wear a big white dress to celebrate. Ask yourself: ‘Will I look back in five years and think I looked a right t***?’ Mummy should have done this.”

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins wrote a letter to her children (Ian West/PA)


Hopkins ends her letter with the words: “If you forget all this, that’s OK. Mummy made some royal cock-ups well documented on Google, but has no regrets and wouldn’t change a single thing. Especially not the three of you.

“Wherever I am – I will always be in the room just next door. Love you lots, Mum.”

Hopkins rarely discusses her epilepsy, but spoke about it during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this year. She said: “I’ve seen the bit that’s missing! I’ve seen the scan. It’s super freaky. It is weird.”

She has three children – Maximillian, India and Poppy.

Fans took to Twitter to praise her blog.




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