Katie Price: ‘I’m not looking for a Katie clone’

Since shooting her first Page Three photos for The Sun some 15 years ago, Katie Price – AKA the glamour model formerly known as Jordan – has rarely been out of the limelight.

Now 33, the fame that her modelling career has brought has enabled her to build a substantial business empire which includes her own ranges of lingerie, perfume, jewellery, haircare products and even a line of equestrian clothing and sporting goods, not to mention a lucrative second career as a novelist and reality TV star.

Now, though, she says, she wants to give something back and pass on some of the knowledge she has gained along the way.

She has set up her own model management agency, Black Sheep Management, and her new Sky Living show, Signed by Katie Price, which starts on Monday, October 10, will follow her as she signs up her first client and sets him or her on the road to fame and fortune.

TV&Satellite Week magazine caught up with her to find out more…

Management has been something I’ve wanted to explore for a long time… I can’t wait to get going. The person I’m looking for needs model looks, a killer body, bags of ambition, a rock-solid personality, the desire to better themselves, a have-a-go attitude and, of course, a good sense of humour.

Signed by Katie Price is like a cross between The Apprentice and Britain’s Next Model… It’s so difficult having to reject people. I hate hurting people and breaking their hearts and shattering their dreams. It’s awful.

You have to be sensitive… You can’t say: “To be honest, your body is crap and so’s your attitude”. You can’t talk to people like that. Instead I say: “Come back next year when you’ve improved on this and that.”

The big thing you have to learn to deal with is the money side of things to set yourself up… You need to learn to deal with tax, get a house and not buy things on credit.

You can have the best publicists in the world, but it doesn’t mean anyone’s going to write about you… Even if they do, it doesn’t guarantee they are going to write things you want them to write.

The winner will not be a Katie clone… If people come along to the auditions saying, “I want to be you” or “I want to be famous”, I tell them they’re on the wrong show.

Anybody can be famous these days… In my early days I used to party lots because I didn’t know any different. I’m not looking for someone who is going to do that. I’m putting my time, effort and money into doing this show, so I only want serious people involved.

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