Katie Wright: ‘The Apprentice was intimidating’

Axed Apprentice candidate Katie Wright admits she found the show ‘intimidating’, after being fired by Lord Sugar on Wednesday night.

Editorial and research director Katie was given her marching orders after Team Phoenix failed this week’s task to create and sell gourmet street food in Edinburgh.

Finding herself in the boardroom for a third time, Katie guessed her time was up. She said: “I can see that Lord Sugar might have grown sick of me being in the boardroom, but this has been a long battle from week one for me. The Apprentice is a very intimidating process and wish I’d had more confidence.”

Katie – who donned a pizza costume to drum up interest in their offer of meatballs – added that she felt project manager Adam Corbally ‘lost a lot of integrity’ as they faced the axe. “Adam was feeling desperate and was trying to pin things on me that weren’t necessarily true.

“He said I wasn’t working hard, but given that I was running around Edinburgh dressed as a pizza, I don’t think anyone in their right mind could claim I was off having a cup of tea somewhere.”

Despite this, Katie’s glad she applied for The Apprentice. “I went on one hell of a journey that started off in a zoo and ended up in a pizza costume,” she said. “I don’t have any bitterness – I’m just going back to the day job.”

The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1.