Keeley Hawes: Confused reaction to Line of Duty ending was ‘great. It didn’t just wrap it up’ (VIDEO)

Keeley Hawes says the confused and uncomfortable ending to hit BBC2 thriller Line of Duty was ‘great because the entire series made people talk and the ending did too’.

Keeley Hawes played DI Lindsay Denton, a police detective whose debts lead her to make a decision which ultimately leads to the shocking deaths of a number of police. Line of Duty won Best TV Drama at the Freesat TV Awards in London last night, although some viewers were unhappy that the main villains appeared to get away with their crimes.

Keeley told What’s on TV: “I feel the reaction to the last episode was kind of great in a way because the entire series made people talk and the ending did too. It didn’t just wrap it up and people didn’t go away comfortable and satisfied. It also made them say, ‘Well, what was that! What happened there? What was that about?’ So in a way, it sort of ended as it began… and life isn’t like that, life isn’t wrapped up in a bow.

“Some people get away with it. Lindsay didn’t, but some people did.. and therein lies series three!”

Lindsay was a dream role, says Keeley. “Lindsay Denton was everything an actress can dream of, it was a real joy. Thank you Jed Mercurio [writer]. She was beautifully written and well drawn and the whole thing was just so well put together that it really was a joy. I was sad to see her go.

“I don’t see Lindsay as a villain, I do see her as a victim of her circumstances. She’s not bad in her heart, it’s just this terrible… This thing that ran away with her and led to her ultimate downfall.”

Watch the interview with Keeley Hawes: