Keirston Wareing: ‘There’s no way Delilah would put up with Max or Carl!’

She’s best known as EastEnders’ feisty Kirsty Branning, but Keirston Wareing shows an altogether different side playing Delilah in this big budget adaptation of The Bible on Channel 5 (Saturday, Nov 30). She tells us about the role…

What can viewers expect from The Bible?
“It’s the bible story told in a big, Hollywood movie way. It’s really entertaining and the stories are just great, so I hope people will really enjoy it. The show feels very modern, and whether you’re religious or not they are just good tales.”

You play Delilah, who betrays her lover Samson by cutting off the locks that keep him powerful. What was that like?
“The decision she has to make is between love and money. She’s devious, she’s greedy, money comes first for her. She does love him, even though she betrays him in the end. She’s a great character to play because she’s a real baddy, and that’s always more fun. Liz Hurley has played Delilah before in a film, so I’m in good company.”

Your scenes were filmed in Morocco, what was that like?
“It was great because they put us up in an amazing hotel. But saying that there were snakes and scorpions on the set, which wasn’t as great!”

Was that a big challenge for you?
“Actually the biggest challenge for me was getting my accent right. The director didn’t want posh and he didn’t want Cockney because the American audience don’t understand it, so I just had to mind my pronounciation.”

There are lots of Brits in the show, but it’s an American production…
“Yeah, that’s great. I feel so proud to have been part of a big American show. I’d like to do some work out there, give it a go. Once I’ve finished on EastEnders I might go out there and see how it goes.”

Are there any similarities between Delilah and Kirsty?
“Not really, although Kirsty’s betrayed her man recently so there is that. But there’s no way Delilah would put up with Carl or Max, she’d have been long gone by now!”


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