Keith Allen: ‘I’m no method actor’

Keith Allen isn’t a fan of method acting.

The star is about to play East End gangster Danny Dixon in The Runaway, Sky1 HD’s adaptation of the Martina Cole novel.

But Keith, 57, said: “I don’t suffer from what I believe a lot of actors suffer from, in that they have to do certain things to be an actor, like endlessly study the script and endlessly think about the character. I wouldn’t advise that to anybody.”

Singer Lily’s dad joked he would never ‘go method’ in the vein of Daniel Day-Lewis, saying: “It works for him, he’s an extraordinarily brilliant actor but I wouldn’t like to sleep with him.”

He added: “I can see some people need to do that but whether that’s what makes them a good actor, I don’t think so. They could probably do it without all that.”

The star, who screen credits include TV shows Viva Blackpool and Bodies, and cult films Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, added: “It’s like a lot of American actors, they’re just appalling to work with because they’re so up their own a**e about acting.”

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