Keith Floyd battling bowel cancer

TV chef Keith Floyd has revealed that he is battling bowel cancer, but vowed to beat the disease.

The 65-year-old veteran presenter – who was diagnosed six weeks ago and has since had five serious operations – is staying positive.

Floyd told The Daily Express: “I went to Spain six weeks ago to see my old doctor about a little growth; he said: ‘Not very good news I’m afraid, you’ve got bowel cancer’ – it’s not what you want to hear.”

He added: “Since then I’ve had endless operations. Five knife ops in total and they were 90 per cent successful at cutting it out.

“Now I have five weeks of chemotherapy coming up. I’ll have to make daily visits to Nimes Hospital. I’m not thrilled about it, no, but what can I do? I’ll get through it.”

Keith is staying at his home in the south of France and is being supported by his close friend and confidante Celia Martin.

He said: “My housemate Celia Martin has been wonderful. She and I go a long way back. Her husband [Doctor Who screenwriter] David Martin was my best friend and he died two years ago. It is a purely platonic friendship, we are good company for each other.”

Keith – famous for enjoying copious amounts of wine while cooking outdoors on his shows – has been advised to give up smoking.

He said: “I am still smoking, but yes, I’m going to cut down.”