Keith Lemon and children aren’t usually words heard in the same sentence, but expect that to change because the comedy character is currently writing a children’s book.

While chatting to What’s on TV about his forthcoming revival of Through the Keyhole, Keith explained what we can expect from The Elephant & The Beaver…

“It’s about an elephant and a beaver who rent a flat from a sweaty fox, and the fox gloats about all the things he buys with their rent money,” says Keith, real name Leigh Francis. “It’s all nice with no rude bits. It’s got lots of messages like don’t swallow chewing gum, and wear sun cream.”

Keith, the star of gleefully rude television shows Bo’ Selecta!, Celebrity Juice and Lemon La Vida Loca was as surprised as anyone to discover he had a younger fan base.

“Little kids are always coming up to me and saying my catchphrases. The parents say it’s my fault, but I say it’s theirs for letting them watch my shows,” laughs Keith, who is also illustrating the storybook. “What are they doing up at 10 o’clock?”

Keith has been contemplating writing the book for a while, according to this interview.