Keith Lemon’s got his own peep show!

As anybody who has seen Celebrity Juice will know, nobody does star humiliation quite like Keith Lemon.

Now Leigh Francis’s irrepressible alter-ego gets the chance to let rip once more in his role as the host of a new version of Through the Keyhole (ITV, Saturday, August 31) – and as you might expect, his approach is very different from that of the panel show’s previous hosts, David Frost and Loyd Grossman.

TV&Satellite Week magazine squeezed Mr Lemon for any juicy information he can reveal…

I was a big fan of Keyhole as a kid… When I was at school we could occasionally borrow a video camera on Friday afternoons. The first thing we ever did was a spoof of Through the Keyhole – it’s insane that I’m now presenting it!

You have to wonder who would ever let me in their house… One person had a massive pool, and so I invited 45 of my mates round for the afternoon. The celebrity hasn’t seen the episode yet.

One star lives in a forest like Stig of the Dump… That was a shock. You have an idea in your mind what a person’s house will look like based on their success, but then you get there and go: ‘Oh, what have you spent it on, then?’ Then again, with other less successful people you go: ‘How on earth can you afford this?’

I’m different from Loyd Grossman… I’ve got a different accent, better hair, better clothes, and I’m slightly more jovial then he is. I was so nervous when he came to a recording of the show – it was like having your teacher there.

If I could snoop around anyone’s house it would be Jonathan Ross’s… I’d like to see his collection of movie memorabilia. Simon Cowell’s house would be good, too, but we’ve got the next best thing… I can’t tell you who.

Everyone can watch Through the Keyhole because it’s not as rude as Celebrity Juice… Juice is ruder than I would ever make a programme, but we’re usually doing it drunk and can’t remember. Me and Holly Willoughby are paralytic!

I don’t like fame… I enjoy it in a red carpet area when everyone’s screaming, but when I’m going to Costco to buy ink cartridges and everyone’s shouting ‘Potato!’ I find it horrible. It’s worse if I’m actually buying potatoes. Sometimes I disguise myself. When I go to festivals I wear a stick-on beard and it looks blatantly stuck-on. I just look like a lunatic who’s drunk at a festival.