Kelly Brook has claimed she doesn’t take her career ‘too seriously’ because the acting industry is so ‘fickle’.

The model and actress, who has a role in new movie Piranha 3D, said: “This industry can be so fickle, one minute you’re up and then you’re down.

“I think you just have to really embrace it and enjoy what you do, not really take it too seriously and realise it’s not for ever. Just enjoy it for what it is.”

Kelly also revealed how she won her role in Piranha 3D – by going out for dinner.

She explained: “It was pretty easy in terms of getting the job because I was just sitting in a restaurant having dinner with my friends and the director spotted me and asked me to come along and audition for me that part.

“Coming to America and doing the movie, doing all this stuff, that’s where the hard work comes in.”

Kelly also said she’d love to be on a British soap like EastEnders one day.

“I’d love to do something like that. I’m here doing this stuff, but I’m up for being in EastEnders or Coronation Street,” she said.