Kelly Brook reveals she miscarried at six months

Kelly Brook has talked about the devastation of having a miscarriage at six months, and revealed she later lost a second baby.

The model has serialised parts of her new autobiography, Close Up, in The Sun, where she revealed what had happened between her and ex Thom Evans and the trauma of having a miscarriage.

After explaining their ordeal, she continued: “After the miscarriage Thom and I decided it was time to make a fresh start… Thom proposed. He’d bought a beautiful ring. I immediately said yes. The miscarriage actually brought us closer together.

“Later I went to see my doctor, who said, ‘The best way to get over this is to try and get pregnant again’.

“So Thom and I weren’t careful, and just before Christmas 2011, I got pregnant again. The look on Thom’s face said it all. I think he was terrified… I had another miscarriage after a few weeks.”

According to the Daily Mirror, Kelly went on: “We were still engaged in November 2012… Not long after that, he and I split up. His modelling career was picking up and a big US agent wanted to represent him. He was excited and so was I.

“I suggested we rent a flat in LA so I could visit. I was incredibly hurt when he said he wanted to go alone. He didn’t want to be weighed down by a flat. When I brought up the subject of marriage and children, the colour drained from his face.

“He wanted to focus on his ‘new life’ in LA – a wife and children would slow him down. He didn’t want to be in a relationship any more. It was obvious.”

Kelly is now engaged to ex-Gladiator David McIntosh, while former rugby player Thom has joined this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up.



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