Kelly Brook to pose naked for Playboy

Kelly Brook has signed a half-a-million dollar deal to pose naked for Playboy.

The 30-year-old model and actress will pose for nude shots in the Mediterranean later this month.

Kelly’s agent Jonathan Shalit told the Daily Mail: “She’s absolutely thrilled, it’s such a great honour for her, especially when you think about the icons that have graced the cover of the magazine over the years.”

The brunette beauty was recently flown to Cape Town to pose with three lions for a special World Cup issue of FHM Magazine.

Kelly confessed: “I was worried I was going to get eaten, the lions were going to be driven down from Johannesburg and I thought they might be a bit hungry when they got there.

“In South Africa I imagine they are a bit more relaxed about health and safety regulations than they are back home, but they’re basically big pussy cats.

“It reminded me of that scene in The Hangover with the tiger – I expected Mike Tyson to appear out of the bathroom any moment.”

Kelly is resigned to watching the World Cup with rugby player boyfriend Danny Cipriani, but revealed her cunning ploy for getting him to switch channels if she gets bored, by making him jealous.

She explained: “I’ll watch England’s games, I don’t think I’ll be able to avoid them. Danny loves football and Sky Sports is on 24 hours a day in our house. But I’ve learnt that if I want him to change the channel I’ll go, ‘Oooh, who’s that player?’. He’ll get all sulky and be like, ‘Why do you want to know?’ and then turn the TV over.”

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