Kelly Brook wears nothing but a splash of gold paint

Not everyone can pull off being covered in gold paint, but Kelly Brook’s done just that.

She’s only gone and had herself splattered in gold, and the result is striking.

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook launches a new phone in gold paint (HTC)


Kelly’s gold paint dress used around 440 litres of liquid and was all in aid of the launch of the new HTC One M9 Gold on Gold phone.

Talking about the photo shoot, the actress and model said: “It’s exciting to be one of the first human canvasses for this unique art form.

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook behind the scenes on her photo shoot (HTC)


“They say you have to suffer for your art and being covered in freezing cold gold paint really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I have to say it was worth it.

Kelly Brook

Dripping in gold paint (HTC)


“This bespoke liquid dress has given me one of my most bold and glamorous looks to date!”


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