Kelly: ‘I look like a knock-off Lara Croft!’

Kelly Brook talks about the joys of playing a hot-pants wearing B-movie star in the new series of Moving Wallpaper…

You’re essentially playing two roles in one at the moment – yourself in Moving Wallpaper and a B-movie actress in Renaissance. How was that?

“It was such a fantastic experience and a great challenge. I play a heightened version of myself in Moving Wallpaper. The other ‘Kelly Brook’ is very committed and dedicated to her work and is very similar to a method actress. She completely over-analyses everything and is constantly questioning the writers’ motives. I think she just wants to do a good job and be taken seriously as an actress. It was such brilliant fun.”

The Moving Wallpaper version of ‘Kelly Brook’ is more difficult than you then!

“Because I’ve been a model and kind of broken into acting, I do understand that in reality it is very difficult for models to then be taken seriously as actresses, and so I think what model-actresses sometimes do is over-think things a bit too much. They’ll want to get involved in the story and the re-writing of the script and sometimes it can be a pain for the production companies they’re working for.”

Would it have been funnier if the other Kelly could have been more of a prima donna?

“I though it was a clever idea to not be a diva, but to be written as someone that is difficult in a very sweet way. She just wants to do well and to make sure she delivers great lines and that people take her seriously. It would be easy swanning around in a trailer demanding this and that, but I think the way they’ve approached me playing myself is a lot funnier and probably more believable!”

Samantha Hall in Renaissance seems a bit of vacant – would you agree?

“She’s something of a romantic at heart, yes, identifying with the heroines she reads about in her trashy novels. To put it bluntly, she’s desperately seeking Mr Darcy in a world full of Pete Dohertys! She left school, did a year in University in Brighton, then dropped out to become an air stewardess. She had a friend who worked at Virgin Atlantic who always looked glamorous in her uniform, was seeing the world and made Samantha feel like she was missing out. Besides, you’re more likely to meet Mr Darcy in an upper class cabin on a flight to LA than you are in the Happy Cod on Brighton seafront!”

Samantha is one of the few characters in Renaissance who escapes being turned into a zombie. Were you upset about that?

“There’s no way I wanted to be a zombie in Renaissance, in fact I’m so happy I don’t turn into a zombie because they’ve had to spend about three hours in prosthetics, wear really hideous contact lenses that make their eyes itch – and it’s cold having all that blood splattered all over you! So I’m really happy that I’m the hero of this and I get to save all the children.”

What was the highlight of working on the series for you?

“Everything about the show appealed to me – the fact that I got to work with Alan Dale, be chased around by zombies, wear miniscule hot pants and then got to play myself. I look like a knock off Lara Croft! I heard the kids talking and they were like, ‘So home come you’re in hot pants and a pink shirt when you’ve just got off a plane and then you’re fighting zombies?’ And then George Maguire (who plays Alan Dale’s son went), ‘It’s because she’s Kelly Brook!” And I was like, high five! I thought that was hilarious.”

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