Kelly Rowland: Gary is determined to win X Factor

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland has said that Gary Barlow is the most competitive judge on this year’s X Factor, adding that he is determined to win.

Speaking to the People Kelly said, “Gary is really competitive. I am not saying that as a negative but boy does he want to win.”

And she added that he would be the most likely of the judges to be unhappy if his one remaining act Marcus Collins does not triumph next Saturday night.

“If he doesn’t win he will be really, really upset,” Kelly admitted. “We all will be but he will take it the worst, or at least he will show it the most.”

The former Destiny’s Child star – who will perform on Sunday night’s results show – also told the paper that she and fellow judge Tulisa had settled their differences, after falling out earlier in the series over Tulisa’s accusations that Misha B had bullied her acts backstage.

“Tulisa and I talked about things in private, and we really are totally cool now,” she said. “I respect the fact that she is a strong woman, who will stand up for things.”

And she added, “Also, don’t be fooled by Louis. I love that man but he is a little troublemaker believe me.”

“He knows how to push our buttons and has been even worse since his last act got voted out,” Kelly joked. “He could be a lot of fun for the viewers at home during the final.”