‘Kerry is absolutely distraught’ – Max Clifford

Max Clifford, who represents Kerry Katona, said the 26-year-old singer is ‘absolutely distraught’ after being held at knifepoint.

The former Atomic Kitten, her baby daughter and husband Mark Croft, 36, were held captive at their home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, by three armed burglars.

The PR guru said: “Kerry is in a terrible state. When I spoke to her this morning she was in floods of tears and absolutely distraught.

“It was a terrifying experience. Luckily they weren’t hurt, but Kerry was held at knifepoint and the robbers threatened to kill them. It was such a horrible thing to happen.

“Kerry and Mark managed to raise the alarm afterwards although the men had taken their mobile phones.

“They are staying with family now and I’m not sure when they will go back to the house.”

The robbers stole around £150,000 worth of belongings, he added.

The couple only moved to the £1.5 million property a few months ago.

Kerry’s two daughters by former Westlife star Brian McFadden, Molly

and Lilly-Sue, were not in the house at the time as they were staying with Brian’s parents.

The masked gang, armed with a sledgehammer, crowbar and large kitchen knife, held the mum of three and her baby daughter in a downstairs room while her husband was taken through the house by raiders.

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