Kerry Katona’s New Year ‘bash’ caught on camera

Things reportedly turned ugly at Kerry Katona’s New Year’s Eve party when a fight broke out – and apparently it was caught on film.

The former Atomic Kitten invited friends and family to see in 2008 in the home she shares with her husband, Mark Croft, according to the Daily Mirror.

However, the party turned sour when Kerry fell out with her mother-in-law Marilyn Croft – and ended up asking her to leave.

A friend told the paper: “Kerry hadn’t spoken to her husband Mark’s mum for ages and it’s fair to say that the atmosphere between them isn’t the best.

“And things got worse as the evening went on and before long they were having words.

“Marilyn began shouting at her, saying, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Kerry was having a go back and then a scuffle broke out.”

A camera crew from MTV, who are following Kerry around for a new fly-on-the-wall show, captured the catfight on tape – but it seems the 27-year-old has begged them to erase the tape.

“The camera crew couldn’t believe their luck. If they don’t erase the tape, it will make great TV,” the source apparently added.

“But poor Kerry was mortified that her party had ended the way it did. She just wants to show the public that she’s a nice person. And the thing is, none of it was her fault.

“Her family are really important to her and she thought the party was a great opportunity for them all to get together.”

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