Feeling betrayed by Dan, Kerry turns her attentions to bad boy Ross!

Kerry’s on the warpath when she learns from Elliot that her other half Dan, has been practicing a bit of “mouth to mouth” resuscitation with Nicola.
When Dan insists that Nicola came onto him, she storms off to confront her rival and gives her a hefty wallop around the chops.
Later on and still fuming over Dan’s betrayal, a fuming Kerry seeks revenge by making a move on Nicola’s hubby Jimmy in the Woolpack, but when that doesn’t work she decides to head into town to get blottoed and demands a cab from Ross.
However she doesn’t make it very far and instead sets her sights on driver Ross, who is only too happy to respond to her full-on flirting, having previously made a bet with his brother Pete to see who could pull first!
Ross and Kerry are soon puckering up for some passion but how will Kerry react when she discovers she’s merely part of a Barton brothers’ bet?!