Kian: Maloney should be out of show

Westlife’s Kian Egan has said Christopher Maloney does not deserve to still be in The X Factor.
The singer-turned-TV presenter, who has appeared on The Xtra Factor panel and is a coach on The Voice Of Ireland, has stood up for the 34-year-old contestant in the past, but admits his talent doesn’t match that of Ella Henderson, who was booted off last week.
Kian said: “I don’t think Christopher should still be there, over the likes of Ella. I’ve stood up for Christopher an awful lot, because I do think he’s been getting a very, very hard time.
“But the reality is, I don’t think we’ll hear of Christopher in another year’s time, where as I do think we’ll be watching Rylan on a regular basis.
“I think Rylan deserves to still be there, obviously he’s not the best singer on there, but he’s different, he’s new and he’s entertaining.”
Kian insisted The Voice and The X Factor are very different, but admitted The Voice needs to produce a star to properly establish itself.
He said: “Having been part of both now, I think they’re actually two very different types of show.
“I think The Voice is extremely focused on a vocal performance. I think The X Factor is a lot more than that – it is about an entertainer. Even though most of the people on The X Factor are amazing voices, it gives people with big personalities like Rylan an opportunity to get noticed.
“Where as The Voice, you don’t get to meet characters, it’s about people who can stand up and sing a song.
“The X Factor is such an amazing platform, and so far we haven’t seen The Voice produce a successful singing artist yet. So I think that’s extremely necessary for The Voice.”