The BBC is calling on children to help their parents quit smoking in a new TV show.

Six anti-smoking children will move into a house with their nicotine-addicted parents.

The children will be allowed to impose whatever regime they think is necessary to end their parents’ addiction.

The Smokehouse, a 10-part series, will be broadcast on BBC1 and children’s channel CBBC early next year.

The programme turns the tables on a glut of shows like Brat Camp and Supernanny, in which parents attempt to change their children’s behaviour.

Experts, including international athletes and personal trainers, will be on hand to ensure the children taking part are equipped with the latest techniques and motivational skills.

CBBC creative director Anne Gilchrist said: “One of CBBC’s aims is to empower children and offer them the tools to influence the world around them.

“For the first time, this remarkable new series will give six children the resources to transform the health of their parents for the better.

“Around half of all British children are growing up in homes where at least one parent is a smoker.

“The Smokehouse will set a powerful example to kids and their parents about the real impact of passive smoking on the whole family.”

The series is being made by Initial, a TV company owned by Big Brother creator Endemol.

Christopher Pilkington, of Initial, said: “The Smokehouse will be an exciting series that will enable children and the audience in helping parents to quit a potentially lethal habit.”