Kiefer Sutherland to play hitman in online series

In his first post-24 role, Kiefer Sutherland is to star as a professional hitman in new web-only series The Confession.

Kiefer has moved on from his award-winning role as Jack Bauer in TV’s 24 to star in the new internet series, which is compiled of 10 five-minute long episodes.

He will play a hitman who talks to a priest (played by John Hurt) discussing why his victimes deserved to die.

Speaking to target=”_blank”> about the new project, he said: “It came about in such a different way, I was meeting a couple friends of mine, who wanted to introduce me to Chris Young (of Digital Broadcasting Group). I know so little about the internet, but that’s what a lot of friends do for work. Most of that stuff being produced for the internet is comedy, very much like Jackass kind of material, which is great but didn’t appeal to me.

“Chris started talking about wanting to do a drama, but his criteria was so different. A drama in five-minute episodes! So I went home that night, still thinking about it, and it stayed with me for three days. I was falling asleep when I literally got this idea of a confessional.”

Chris said: “The Confession sets a precedent for what is possible in original webisodic content. Never before has something of this magnitude and motion picture quality come to the third screen.

“I’m thrilled to be working with such A-list talent and top-tier sponsors to finally capture and crystallise the seismic shift in how content of this calibre is released, distributed and enjoyed by an audience that will rival that of a hit television series.”

But 24 fans need not worry just yet as a big-screen version is still in the works with Kiefer revealing he hopes production will start within a year.

The Confession is due to screen on Hulu in March.