Kieron Richardson has dropped some heavy hints about what viewers can expect from next week's Hollyoaks...

Kieron Richardson has spilled the beans on Amy’s shock death in next week’s Hollyoaks.

Producers of the Channel 4 soap have already confirmed that Amy Barnes – played by Ashley Slanina-Davies – is being killed off in a dramatic storyline. The scenes are due to be broadcast next week, after Amy ties the knot with her fiance, Ryan Knight (Duncan James).

Talking to What’s on TV on the blue carpet at the Royal Television Society Awards 2017, Kieron revealed more about Hollyoaks’ big ‘whodunit’ week.

“Ste’s going to lose Amy, who he’s got this massive history with,” he said. “It’s a big ‘whodunit’ week. Who did do it? Nobody knows yet. But, yeah, it’s a massive week next week.

“I’m really proud of it, I feel like everybody really came together, the acting is the best that I’ve seen. It was blood, sweat and tears, bruises. It’s a full-on emotional journey and I think the outcome at the end of the week is going to shock everybody. Life’s gonna change forever – for a lot of people.”

Kieron admitted the upcoming episodes were ‘emotional to film’ as he was sad to say goodbye to co-star Ashley, who first appeared in the soap in 2006.

“My favourite memory of working with her, and the bit that everybody remembers, is when I had to cut all her hair off,” he recalls. “It was super-long and we only had one take to do it. That’s the most special memory that we have together because it’s the one that everybody remembers and talks about.”

When asked if he plans to remain on Hollyoaks, Kieron said: “It just depends how this story pans out. I’ve known for quite a while what was gonna happen – we’ve done the beginning, we’ve done the middle, but we haven’t done the ending yet. We genuinely don’t know [who killed Amy], so the whole building is terrified at the moment because it could be anybody. I just hope, fingers crossed, it isn’t me.”

Catch Hollyoaks weeknights at 6pm on Channel 4.