KILLER confession causes huge drama in tonight’s EastEnders

Tonight's EastEnders sees a confession from Ian Beale lead to Mel Owen making a life-changing decision about her killer son...

EastEnders fans are in for a treat tonight as there is not just one, but two episodes being shown.

Tomorrow night’s (Friday 1st February) episode has been moved forward a day thanks to the rugby Six Nations – and what a double bill there is going to be tonight.

As Mel Owen struggles to cope with Hunter, who is clearly going off the rails after shooting his step dad Ray Kelly dead on his doomed wedding day, she realises that her son has been hiding things from her.

EastEnders - Mel and Ray in their wedding gear

Mel and Ray’s wedding didn’t turn out quite as planned…

When the pair retuned to the Square earlier this week, Hunter was telling Mel exactly what she wanted to hear, somehow managing to hide the fact he has been carrying the gun he used to kill Ray around in his school bag.

But tonight the scales start to finally fall from Mel’s eyes, and she reaches out to Phil and Ian for help.

Mel goes to see Phil about Hunter

Desperate Mel asks Phil for parenting advice…

Of course, Mel can’t say what is really wrong with Hunter, because that would mean confessing everything about Ray’s death, but after seeing Hunter’s odd behaviour on the CCTV footage from the E20, Mel realises she needs to act fast.

Worried about what her son might do next, Mel talks to Phil. But when she doesn’t get the answers she is looking for, Mel turns to another of her former flames… Ian Beale.

Mel asks for Ian's help

Ian tells Mel some home truths about having a killer for a son – not realising she’s in the same position

Mel subtly asks about Ian’s killer son Bobby, but because she hasn’t said that she is worried about Hunter, Ian just thinks she is digging for dirt and takes offence.

After putting her foot in it with Ian, Mel realises she needs to make amends and goes over to apologise, but when he finally opens up about what it is like to have a murderer as a son, Mel is given food for thought and dashes off, having made a huge, life-changing decision.

But what does Ian say that strikes a chord with the terrified mum?

Don’t forget EastEnders is on twice tonight – tune in at 7.30 and 8.30pm on BBC One. 

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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