KILLER confession on the cards for one Walford resident in tonight’s EastEnders?

The net is closing in on EastEnders' Mel Owen. Is she about to confess everything?

Tonight’s EastEnders will see Mel Owen continue to struggle with the guilt of Ray Kelly’s death, but is she about to crack and tell everyone that her son is a killer?

As Mel and Hunter battle to keep the fact Ray is dead and buried a secret, the pressure is becoming too much as Mel takes on her son’s anxieties as well as her own.

But tonight will see the desperate mum reach breaking point as she announces to Hunter that they need to tell the police everything and proceeds to write down a full confession on paper.

EastEnders, Mel Owen

Mel decides it is time to confess

As she offloads everything that happened on New Year’s Day, she reassures her son that this is for the best. But will she actually go through with giving her written confession to the police?

But of course, Hunter has got a game plan of his own and comes up with a way to scupper his mum’s idea to come clean.

Mel is startled when she realises Hunter has gone missing not long after her announcement they were going to come forward for Ray’s murder.

EastEnders Mel Owen and Nicola

Nicola and Maddie are already suspicious of Mel and Hunter

Worried about her unstable son, Mel snaps at Billy at work, before getting a surprising visit from Maddie, who is desperate for cash.

Things turn seriously nasty when Maddie makes a shady remark about Hunter and Mel sees red, slamming her up against the wall and issuing a word of warning.

Mel is clearly a woman on the edge, but how long will it be before she completely snaps?

EastEnders Mel Owen and Maddie

Mel sees red when Maddie makes a remark about Hunter

As a terrified Maddie scarpers, Billy is left stunned by his boss’s out of character behaviour and Mel is forced to apologise.

But when Billy is nice to Mel she realises she hasn’t got it in her to confess and heads home to look for Hunter and break the news.

When she gets back, she’s surprised to see Hunter’s already home. But when he reveals where he’s been all day, Mel is left chilled to the bone.

What has he been up to now?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes