Kingsland Road: ‘We knew it was game over against Tamera’ (VIDEO)

Kingsland Road knew their number was up when they ended up in the sing-off with Tamera Foster in Sunday’s X Factor.

The five lads knew saving Tamera was a ‘no-brainer’ for some of the judges and they revealed they had some regrets about their time on The X Factor.

Connor said: “We showed a side to us, but there’s another side.”

Josh added: “We didn’t show all the things we had to offer. I think in our saviour songs a lot more of our personalities came out, more than anything, because we got the chance to just stand there and fight as mates and sing our hearts out and that’s what this competition is all about, really. But unfortunately we finished up against Tamera.

“I think it was a no-brainer for some of the judges… We did feel like it was game over, but we still gave it everything because you’ve got that little bit of hope they’ll give you a chance.”

Watch Kingsland Road talk about their time on The X Factor, their future and who they want to win the final:

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