Kingsland Road: ‘We’re homeless!’ (VIDEO)

Can anyone help out five newly homeless lads, nicely mannered, tidy, good singers, who recently featured on a primetime ITV singing programme?

Kingsland Road, who lost the sing-off to Tamera Foster in Sunday’s X Factor, told that after the interviews ‘we’ve got to go back to the [X Factor] house and pack our bags and leave…”

But they can’t return to the flat they shared in east London. Josh said: “No! The lease ran out before we moved into the house and we’re homeless, in a sense…

Connor pleaded: “Is there any chance we can stay for another week, because we’re homeless?”

Matt joked: “Can we just get a free to next week because we don’t have a house? Can we have a bye?”

Watch the interview with The X Factor‘s Kingsland Road:


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