Knight and Day – Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz go on a slick but silly globetrotting caper

KNIGHT & DAY - Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise take evasive action in this comedy thriller

Freewheeling comedy thriller Knight and Day took a media battering on its cinema release back in the summer, but don’t let that put you off. With stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz lodging their tongues firmly in their cheeks while showing off their still-buff bodies, this is slick and silly escapist fun.

As this suggests, the plot doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. All you need to know is that Cruise plays rogue secret agent Roy Miller and he whisks Cameron Diaz’s bystander June Havens on a perilous globetrotting adventure after they run into each other at an airport.

As the pair go through a series of preposterously hair-raising escapades, Roy assures June he’s on her side, but with both the FBI and foreign arms dealers on their tail, can he be trusted?

What do you think? Well, the fact that there’s something a tad manic and creepy about Cruise’s public persona these days actually works in the film’s favour and leaves the question open perhaps longer than you’d expect.

KNIGHT & DAY - Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise show off their still-buff bodies in this comedy thriller

Released on Blu-ray & DVD on 13th December.

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