Kylie debuts new song on US Strictly (VIDEO)

Kylie Minogue chose hit US show, Dancing with The Stars, to premiere her new single All I See.

“I feel totally welcome and it’s such a good warm energy – I used to have that kind of energy!” she told Extra. “[The show is] so popular in London and I just said hi to Bruno and Len. I met them when I did the UK version [Strictly Come Dancing].”

However, Kylie admitted she wasn’t as prepared as the celebrity contestants when it came to her performance.

“I kind of make it up as I go along to be honest,” she smiled. “The choreography I just learned today. I’ve just come from rehearsals in London for my tour and I was like, ‘don’t give me anything too difficult – I just want to have fun.’ I didn’t want to be flipped out by choreography. This is a dancing show – the dancers can do it!”

Dancing With The Stars is shown on UKTV Gold on Fridays at 8pm.

CLICK below to watch Kylie on Dancing With the Stars.

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