Kylie Minogue: ‘The Voice has been a baptism of fire!’

Pop Princess Kylie Minogue slips into the famous swivel chair, alongside Tom Jones, and new coach Ricky Wilson, for the third series of The Voice (BBC1, Saturday, January 11).

While filming the auditions in Manchester, Kylie took time out to tell What’s On TV why she decided to join the show…

What made you want to get involved with this series of The Voice?
“I watched the first two series and decided after a meeting in Los Angeles with a certain who told me what the experience was like. He and Tom Jones had done the hard work getting the series going, so I had to say yes because I hadn’t experienced anything like it and love new things.”

How are you and fellow new coach, Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson, finding things so far?
“So far so good, but it’s been a baptism of fire for both myself and Ricky. You don’t really appreciate how different it is sitting in that chair and not being able to sing anything. It’s kind of wild… and the disappointment when it’s a ‘no’ for a performer is really tough.”

Do you think being the only girl coach might give you an advantage?
“I really don’t know. At some points I’m very aware I’m the only girl and at other times I feel like one of the guys, so it depends.”

Did anyone perform one of your songs in the audtions?
“Yep one did – and it was very weird to hear. It sort of made me extra sharp and critical. I’m going for character in the voice. I’ve heard voices I’d love to be able to sing like in my dreams, but it’s about what touches you, the connection they make, and I don’t think you know that until you hear it.”

You’re petite and the famous swivel chairs are quite big. Was there any talk about using a booster cushion?
“The first week I did joke that maybe I’ll need a booster seat as did think it could look pretty comical seeing me being in that huge chair, but it didn’t happen. I do have a box to put my feet on and it makes me feel so much more comfortable.”

Have you sometimes been surprised when you’ve turned round to see who’s actually been performing? What they look like, and what they’re wearing etc..?
“Sometimes it takes a few seconds to figure out if it’s a man or a woman!”

Have you asked your sister Dannii, a former X Factor judge, for any advice about doing a similar show and on mentoring performers?
“Not specific advice yet, but I asked her opinion about me doing the show and she was really excited for me and she thought I’d enjoy the mentoring process. I’ve seen her on X Factor so I know much hard work it is investing your time with a bunch of complete strangers. When we get to the later stages I’ll probably ask her advice then.”

How well are you, Ricky, Tom and Will getting on as a foursome…
“So far there’s been no time to do anything or go out. Now I know why Will has all his devices and gadgets with him.”