GMTV viewers were treated to a glamourous weather forecast on Friday morning, when Kylie Minogue stepped in to present.

The pop star smiled and seemed in her element as she forecast the weather for her hometown Melbourne, Australia.

Kylie also spoke to John Stapleton and Emma Crosby, about the tough years she had experienced in her battle with cancer.

Talking about her recovery, after being diagnosed in 2005, she said she was in ‘pretty good’ health, but was taking things ‘day by day’.

The star commented on her recent Glastonbury appearance alongside the Scissor Sisters, saying: “That was just magical, really. I had about four and a half minutes to try and take everything in and it was just great to be there with such good friends.

“To be there with Jake, to not have the pressure of doing a whole set but to get a little taste of it.”

Kylie’s diagnosis meant that she had to cancel an appearance at the festival five years ago.

She added: “Five years went like that. I’m very proud of everything I’ve achieved since then.

“And yeah, it wasn’t spoken on the day, but I think a lot of people were aware of it.”