Lacey Turner on making ‘exciting’ Our Girl, plus recap of drama that launched series (VIDEO)

Lacey Turner has told how she felt pressure to do justice to the military with her show Our Girl.

Lacey is reprising her lead role as Molly Dawes after the success of the one-off drama last year (see video below), and this series will see her character being deployed to Afghanistan as a serving medic.

“You feel pressure to get it right, because what they do is so amazing. I don’t want to disappoint them, really,” said Lacey.

“If it was only the soldiers who sat down and watched it, and were happy with it, then that would be enough for me. It matters, because these people do this for real and you want to try to do them as much justice as you can. I hope we have.”

Lacey, 26, shot the series in South Africa, and had to struggle with the temperature – which often hit 40 degrees – and her bulky outfit.

“The kit alone is so uncomfortable to move in. I felt like a tortoise or a donkey,” Lacey continued.

“It was tough, because it was hot, and you’ve got your boots, trousers, jacket, vest and helmet on. I think it’s fair to say I’d rather work in the cold and rain.”

Plenty of that in EastEnders’ Albert Square, where Lacey has also resumed residence as Stacey Branning!

Filming for Our Girl also saw Lacey running up and down mountains, wading through rivers and hanging out of helicopters.

“I loved that,’ Lacey said. “It was exciting. I’d never done stuff with loads of action in it!”

Our Girl begins on BBC1, Sunday, September 21, 9.00pm.

If you missed the one-off drama that launched the series, here’s a 10-minute recap.





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