Larry Hagman: ‘If you thought JR was bad, wait’

Larry Hagman, star of Dallas (Weds, September , talks to TV Times magazine about resurrecting the Ewings as they prepare for the revival of this steamy 1980s classic…

How does it feel to be back filming Dallas?

“We must have done something right the first time because here we are again!”

You’ve battled some health scares in the past, including a recent cancer diagnosis. How are you feeling now?

“My health is pretty good considering some things I’ve been going through lately. I don’t want to go too far into it, but I’ve been under chemotherapy and some radiation, and I beat it.”

Unlike the original, which was filmed mainly in a Los Angeles studio, the new series is filmed entirely in Dallas…

“I’m home. I was born 20 miles from here and brought up 40 miles west of here. I’m a Texan through and through.”

What do you think viewers will make about the new cast members and the new plots?

“If you thought JR was bad, wait until you see these new guys in action. You’ve got to really pay attention to this show because things happen so quickly and people get stabbed in the back so fast by their loved ones that I can’t follow it to tell you the truth.”

Are the scripts explosive?

“I keep reading the scripts and saying, ‘My God, how far are they going to go with this thing?’ Well, they’re going a long, long way.”

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