Last Tango’s Anne Reid: ‘Derek Jacobi knows everyone!’

Anne Reid says her Last Tango in Halifax co-star Sir Derek Jacobi is the ultimate friend to the stars.

“He has met everybody,’ she told TV & Satellite Week with a laugh. “Everyone I mention he has had dinner with or he has been on their yacht or he has spent the weekend with them. I say something about Ava Gardner or Marlene Dietrich and he goes, ‘Ooh,’ and I say, ‘Please don’t tell me you had dinner with them.’ It has become a joke now.”

The pair are back as septuagenarian sweethearts Alan and Celia in the second series of the Bafta-winning drama on Tuesdays and the on-screen chemistry clearly carries on off-screen.

“I had never worked with a knight before, but at the risk of embarrassing him, I have never worked with anyone nicer and easier, it has been divine,” says Anne.

“We had no idea that the show was going to be such a success so this year we have got a lot to live up to, but it has been such a joyful job. It has taken such a long time to realise that you don’t become a different person when you get to 70 and I hope the show has started people thinking differently.”

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