Last Vegas | Film review – Douglas, De Niro, Freeman and Kline have fun as old boys learning new tricks

Last Vegas

Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline may all be pushing or past 70, but there’s a surprisingly jaunty spring to their step in the breezy comedy Last Vegas. A geriatric, far less raunchy version of The Hangover, the film sees Douglas’s playboy bachelor rally childhood friends De Niro, Freeman and Kline – the ‘Flatbush Four’ – for his Las Vegas stag party before he marries his much younger girlfriend. The quartet’s hi-jinks amid the casino city’s fleshpots are fairly mild – posing as mobsters, judging a swimsuit competition, flirting with lounge singer Mary Steenburgen – and the pace sags in some places and gets mawkish in others, but the film’s good-humoured spirit is hard to dislike, while the stars give an unexpectedly touching undertow to their characters’ bickering and bantering.


Certificate 12. Runtime 105 mins. Director John Turteltaub.

Released on Blu-ray and DVD by Universal Pictures.


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