Latest Strictly contestant Ainsley Harriott revealed on The One Show!

Could the BBC be drawing this out any longer? Having announced Jeremy Vine as the first 2015 Strictly Come Dancing contestant on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show on Monday, tonight saw the baton pass to The One Show.

Which meant a series of clues – each more inane than the last – being revealed between eclectic segments on seagulls, RAF war heroes, and Islamic extremism. All accompanied by excitable babble from Alex Jones and Matt Baker – surely the most wholesome presenting duo on the telly?

A lot of viewers on Twitter were very sure about who it was.




After a clue from a glittery bag, the poor viewing public – by now on the tenterest of hooks – decided it was going to be a celeb chef.




Although there were still other outliers to be considered.




Alex Jones also had her own predictions.


The only person it definitely wasn’t was the other guest on the show, Jack Whitehall.


Come the third feather being fluttered away, Jack erupted with whoops of excitement. We reckon he’d seen the secret person. In the posh comic’s own words: “That is the best thing that’s happened to Strictly.”

So who could that be…?



And finally, the third feather was whipped away to reveal… oh, Ainsley Harriott. Were some people online more in the know than they let on?

No matter. People were excited with a capital E.




Matt and Alex conducted a bit of an interview about whether the Ready Steady Cook supremo and purveyor of fine Caribbean cuisine thought he’d do any better than Jeremy Vine.

“Jeremy’s got this wonderful discipline about him. Everything he does is very structured, he really plans it, everything is done in detail. And to be honest with you, that’s what’s required in dance,” the chef replied.

Sounds about as gentlemanly as we’d expect from good ol’ Ains.

Not that Jack really cared any more. “Could I just say, I LOVE YOUR COUS COUS!”

Well indeed. But will he want some of Ainsley’s spicy salsa with that once the dancing begins?