Laura backs JLS to win X Factor

Laura White is backing boyband JLS to win The X Factor, saying it’s time for a group to triumph.

The singer has watched the reality TV show every week since her departure, and thinks JLS deserve to win.

“If it’s in terms of talent I would like Alex to do it because she’s a talented girl but I’d like someone different to win,” she said.

“Just something different because I think this year The X Factor has been so different and I would like a band to win, so I am backing JLS.”

The Bolton-born 23-year-old has been doing three gigs a day since being given her marching orders from the show.

She is banned from signing a recording contract until March because of a contract with The X Factor, but confirmed that a deal is on the cards.

“I can only say so much but it is looking very hopeful that I’m going to be offered something,” she said.

Laura said she wouldn’t change anything about her X Factor experience and was happy with her performances on the show.

“I don’t believe in regrets. I stuck to what I do musically, I sang what I love to sing, I played piano on the show and I really showed what I was about,” she said.

“I was really happy with every performance and I’m not one of those that goes on YouTube because if you read negativity you believe it.”

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