Lauren Cooper’s canoe catastrophe revealed?

Catherine Tate’s much-loved comedy character Lauren Cooper apparently bites the dust in a canoeing accident on Christmas Day.

The mouthy teenager plunges to her death while shrieking ‘Am I bovvered?’, reports The Sun.

The schoolgirl is on a trip with her class and ignores warnings by a local as she paddles off on her own.

“Are you a yokel? Are you married to your sister? Is your cousin your mum?” she apparently shouts at the onlooker.

“You are a very rude, ignorant young woman,” he replies.

Lauren reportedly continues on and eventually plummets down a massive waterfall, screaming her catchphrase.

The Christmas special sketch then shows her school friends standing by her grave, as P Diddy’s track Missing You plays in the background. The headstone is apparently engraved with the words, “I Still Ain’t Bovvered”.

Earlier this year, Lauren immortalised herself in a sketch with Tony Blair at Downing Street for Comic Relief.