Lewis star Laurence Fox took What’s on TV fishing on his lunch break during a recent visit to the set of the new series

So, what prompted your new fishing hobby?
“We’re always filming by rivers so I decided to fish instead of sitting in a hutch all afternoon. It’s my new love.”

Perhaps the writers can include a fishing storyline for you?
“They should do! The filming of it might be really dull though. Maybe I can get them to include it in a storyline where I catch a body floating down the river!”

Do we find out more about your character James Hathaway this series?
“In one episode, Hathaway goes on a personal journey. You find out a bit about his past and what his family used to get up to. He runs into the girl he promised he would marry when he was about five!”

Is there a high body count in this series?
“Oxford is a dangerous old place, there are serial killers everywhere! It’s never just one murder. But there’s usually a good reason why people get massacred on this show.”

What aspects of the job do you find difficult?
“Remembering all the names of the characters is really difficult!”

How do you feel about the new series?
“The quality of the plots this year is very consistent. I honestly believe this series is the best year as far as stories and guest stars go. Lewis attracts great guest stars.”

Has Hathaway’s relationship with Lewis developed?
“The relationship has evolved over time. I think Lewis and Hathaway are as close as you can get to being friends without meeting up for beers.”

Is it similar to your relationship with Kevin Whately?
“It’s not too dissimilar to our relationship in real life. I annoy him – he forgives me!”

*Laurence Fox stars in Lewis on Sunday May 9 at 8pm on ITV1*