Leaving – Fearless Kristin Scott Thomas gets to the naked truth in French romantic melodrama

Leaving - Kristin Scott Thomas stars as an upper-middle-class wife who risks everything for love

Kristin Scott Thomas‘s adoptive country France has been giving her the best roles of her career lately – and French filmmakers have been encouraging her to go ever further in pursuit of emotional truth.

Recently, she’s stripped herself of make-up for her award-winning role as a grief-stricken ex-con in I’ve Loved You So Long. And she goes even further in Catherine Corsini’s romantic melodrama Leaving, giving a performance of astonishing candour.

Her character, an upper-middle-class woman married to a coldly arrogant doctor, risks everything for love and self-fulfilment when she falls for Sergi Lopez’s Spanish handyman. As an actress, Scott Thomas is proving to be equally fearless.

“Kristin Scott Thomas risks everything for love in her latest role.” Read the full review.

Leaving is released on DVD on 29th November.

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